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Anton Boyko
I have been a restaurant owner for 8 years. During this time, I ordered food containers from many places. A constant problem with most suppliers is poor quality. Hozer was a godsend for me! The quality of containers and disposable tableware is at a high level!
Restaurant owner
In the last 2 years it has been difficult to find suppliers with quality products. Most of the packages came with defects. I found Hozer by chance on the Internet and made an order. From now on, I will only order here. Thank you!
The owner of a confectionery
Valentina Tomina
I stopped doing business with many companies because of high shipping prices and long waiting times. But a year ago I was advised by the Hozer company. I received the order very quickly, and the delivery is cheaper.
The owner of a chain of supermarkets
Petro Kovalchuk
More than 5000 satisfied customers
Maryna Potapenko
Due to the increase in commodity prices, we started looking for a new supplier and found Hozer Group with very affordable prices. I am always in touch with the manager, they always help me find the right position. Thank you!
Restaurant administrator
I was not satisfied with the work of the previous suppliers, due to the fact that the quality was questionable. Last year we placed an order with Hozer, pay on delivery. Now, without a doubt, we pay in advance because we are sure of the quality.
The owner of the network of gas stations
Serhii Dudnik
Last year I opened a small coffee shop, for me it was my first experience working with a supplier. I am very grateful to the professionals in their field for help in choosing and fast delivery even for minimal orders.
The owner of the coffee shop
Alina Pylypchuk
More than 5000 satisfied customers
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